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The food services for our staff and students are in Tokat Taşlıçiftlik Campus,where our University located,and the schools affiliated to our university have been given to a tenant by way of tender.

According to the tender;4 kinds of meal are served in a high quality and hygienic environment to our staffs and students.

In 2010 we served to our staff and students total 347.128 plates of meal,and 33.128 of this number were given to our students free of charge.The diffrence between the tender and the real price is financed by some items of our budget.According to the University Board Decision the prices were decided to be as below:

Student; 1,50 TL,
Administrative Staff; 1,75 TL,
Academic Staff; 2,25 TL,
Ass.Prof.Dr.; 3,00 TL,
Prof.Dr.; 3,25 TL

Student canteen enterprizement was also given to the tenant and it is controlled by the Department of Health,Culture and Sport.